01 B2B corporate

Since the Customer’s company is one of the leaders in the corporate events segment in Western Europe, we wanted to show its leadership, expertise, and experience through the website.

Therefore, we came to the decision that we need to make an understandable, classic site that is adequately perceived by any user, while adding creativity through illustrations and animations on the site.
web app development
mobile app development

02 Healthcare
Mobile App 

This application helps the user to control their health status and advises which aspect of their lifestyle should be given more attention. The application allows the user to fill out a questionnaire in detail and indicate their physical data, habits and lifestyle features.

The web application is implemented using the Ruby-on-Rails framework

03 E-commerce
Mobile App 

The project developed by us is able to withstand high loads, loads quickly from all over the world, and is also easy to scale and support.

The entire project is covered with unit tests, the program code is described in the technical documentation. The site administration system (CMS) is described in the user documentation.

Throughout the year we have been supporting and developing the project
mobile app development

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