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Techyexperts is
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Development of websites and mobile applications
Development of adaptive sites, web services, portals, online stores. Mobile app development: native iOS, Android or cross-platform on ReactNative.

Development of complex services
Development of ERP systems, B2B marketplaces, CRM and BPM systems. Development and integration of software for terminals.

Allocation of teams for projects (outstaffing)
Ruby On Rails, PHP, Python, Java, Swift, .NET, NodeJS, React, Magento/WordPress.

Our advantages



We are supporters of a systematic approach, so we automate the main part of the processes in the agency. This allows you to spend less time on your routine and focus more on the essentials.


Customer focus is something without which a young agency cannot survive and develop in a competitive digital environment, so we are flexible, fast and understanding.


The team is the main asset of the agency, so we carefully select specialists, create comfortable working conditions and allocate time and money for development.

Our clients

We work with large companies and continue to cooperate with many for more than 2 years. We are chosen because we provide strong products, demonstrate high customer service and deep involvement in the project.
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